"Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the capitol. We’re very familiar with each other’s screams.”

Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.

so im cleaning the house


and i find this photo of my cousins and i when we were little


then i notice the glass is broken and crack is slicing through my photo


it is the prophecy



I also think you’re a little hard to swallow. With your tacky romantic drama and your defender-of-the-helpless act. Only it isn’t an act, which makes you more unbearable. Please feel free to take this personally. [requested by kheleesii]


As long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve.” 

tribute. victor. mockingjay

CITIZENS: The Capitol requires your viewing of President Snow’s official Panem Address, “Together As One,” brought to you by Capitol TV in stunning 4K.

“At a few minutes before four, Peeta turns to me again. “Your favorite colour … it’s green?” “That’s right.”
Then I think of something to add. “And yours is orange.”
"Orange?" He seems unconvinced. "Not bright orange. But soft. Like the sunset," I say. "At least, that’s what you told me once."
"Oh." He closes his eyes briefly, maybe trying to conjure up that sunset, then nods his head. "Thank you.”


"Nobody is bulletproof, especially in this business. I work just as hard as I always have."



I am so mad because this is NOT a teaser trailer

this is a clip

a clip with the Capitol propo

We’ve been waiting for months just to get a clip with Snow talking?

The only good thing is Peeta.


same it´s good for propo on Capitol site but if they release this as teaser trailer it would look like Vanish Oxi Action commercial


Petrified, I lunge for him, but I’m caught and thrust back into another room, and a glass door seals between us. I pound on the glass, screaming my head off.

every everlark scene  cf | dancing

“Slowly I raise my eyes and take in the water spreading out in every direction.
I can only form one clear thought.